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Him or Her


A selection of our most unique and vibrant handmade gifts. Perfect for those who love one-off, hard to find treasures. It includes a handmade Piera Bochner candle (moulded into the shape of a Kiwano Melon), 2 x stunning handmade SGW Lab mugs, and a beautiful glass jar of Eldstickan coloured matches. (Save £ with Gift Sets)


Piera Bochner Candle: Kiwano Melon

2 X SGW Lab Mugs: Beach Blush, Watermelon Cappuccino, Merlot Sunset, Marble Sky, Raspberry Latte, Deep Ocean, Blushing Shore, Morning Swim, Coral Reef, Desert Sunset, Sapphire Field, Indigo Sky, Martian Desert or Twilight. 

Eldstickan Matches: White, Grey, Rose Pink, Pink Peony, Lavender, Cobalt Blue or Sun. 

*Gift wrapped in our special Christmas packaging

*For items with product options, please email with your order number and product preferences. Alternatively, leave it up to us :)