Muscle Ease Body + Massage Oil 100ml

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WHY WE LOVE: A beautiful blend of high quality, natural, and organic ingredients, that helps to relax tired and aching muscles.

Playing sports, exercising, sitting hunched over a laptop for hours, sleeping poorly and stress can all cause tight, sore muscles and joints, especially in our backs and shoulders.

This oil soothes and relaxes tired, aching muscles, nourished and reduces skin blemishes, and relaxes with a blend of highly absorbent, organic oils and botanicals.

Jojoba: has a soothing and healing effect

Apricot Oil: helps to regenerate the skin cells

Lavender: soothes the body and mind

Mint and Rosemary: cool down your skin

Cypress Oil: helps to calm and relax both mind and body

We recommend you combine a few drops of any ANATOMĒ essential oil blend into the muscle oil to further soothe the body and mind.

For all skin types, including sensitive skin.

1. Massage a small amount into sore, tired or aching muscles and joints to promote warmth and relieve pain and stiffness.

2. For optimum absorption, massage into the skin immediately after bathing or showering, whilst the skin is warm and slightly damp.

*Certified organic ingredients