Organic Restorative + Healing Foot Balm 120ML



WHY WE LOVE: A beautiful blend of high quality, natural, and organic ingredients, that leaves our feet soft and rejuvenated.

Our feet are perhaps the hardest working part of our bodies, yet also perhaps the least looked after. Performing exercise, wearing uncomfortable footwear, and simply being on our feet all day causes callouses, dryness, and discomfort.

Soothe your feet with our nourishing Restorative Foot Balm that’s deeply penetrating and moisturising and helps to soothe hard dry skin.

Organic shea butter: is rich in vitamin E that softens the skin and reduces inflammation

Apricot and Jojoba: are omega fatty acid-rich, and intensely moisturise the skin

Peppermint, Spearmint and Tea Tree: help to deodorise and are naturally antiseptic, cooling, and refreshing.

For all skin types, including sensitive skin.

1. Apply a pea-size amount to each foot and massage in until absorbed, paying particular attention to the heels and other areas of dry skin.

2. For optimum absorption, apply just before going to bed to allow the balm to soak in overnight.

*Certified organic ingredients