Recovery + Sleep Essential Oil Blend - Overactive Mind 30ml



WHY WE LOVE: Delivers a new way of approaching emotional balance and wellbeing

Made with a rich blend of 22 essential oils, to promote relaxation with natural sedatives and restorative properties. Support eight hours of unbroken sleep using a note of Somali Frankincense.

Having an overactive mind, at full speed all day round can be difficult to wind down before bedtime, taking hours to fall asleep. Sleepless nights can increase anxiety levels up to 30% the following day, leading to stress, mental health issues, and an unbalanced mood.

Somali Frankincense: Attains high concentration in terpenes, known to decrease cortisol levels. High cortisol levels delay the sleep process and fragment sleep. Frankincense helps an overactive mind achieve a more restorative sleep.

Apply to sensory points every night, at least 30 minutes before bed for maximum impact. 

*takes about one week to begin to positively impact and support your sleep.

On the skin: Apply 2 drops on key sensory points, massage into the skin, and inhale with a few deep breaths.

In a diffuser: 1 full pipette

In a bath: 3-5 full pipettes

*Naturally sourced ingredients