HAY prides itself on making good design accessible to everyone. Working alongside talented designers from around the world, co-founders and creative directors Mette and Rolf Hay have made a commitment to create high quality products available to a wide audience.

HAY recognises that the divides between personal and professional space are more fluid today than they ever have been. Their entire product range can be used across differing environments to suit any need whether that be at home, or in the office, HAY offers a fresh and modern take on the objects that are a part of our everyday life.

The foundation upon which HAY has been built revolves around their core values: passion, function, community, and responsibility. This combined with their three pillars of inspiration: art, architecture, and fashion, means every product has been thought about in detail from design and function to aesthetics and the product’s environmental impact and life cycle. Optimising the use of sustainable materials such as FSC-certified wood, recycled materials and water-based lacquer, HAY ensures their products comply with strict international standards and are long-lasting products that minimise environmental impacts.