Posted on July 29 2021




Quite simply natural fragrances are scents that have been extracted from raw materials using a process of distillation, expression and extraction. On the other hand, synthetic fragrances are scents that have been chemically modified from their raw materials. 
At ARDDUN STORES we like things to be natural and consciously produced so natural fragrances are a big consideration when selecting the brands we put on our shelves. Whether it be perfumes, candles, essential oils or beauty products, we’ve chosen to work with brands that are naturally sourced, avoid chemicals where possible, use recyclable and biodegradable packing, and have numerous outreaches that help other communities and charities. Here’s a look at a few examples from our store:



In 1921 a famous perfume brand (we’re not naming and shaming) started using synthetic oils to mimic natural essential oils. This was a cheaper and easier way to manufacture perfume but synthetic scents can be produced using non-sustainable petrochemicals. These have biodegradability issues, especially when produced in large quantities. This paired with non-recyclable packing can quickly start causing a backlog of waste meaning negative impacts on our ecosystem. This is a global problem that people are contributing to on a daily basis without even realising. 
This does not mean that all synthetic scents are bad. Some companies have a mix of natural and synthetic oils which is actually more sustainable due to where and how they have sourced their ingredients. MAYA NJIE for example creates small-batch perfumes and uses some synthetic fragrances for musk and ambergris which, if natural, would be derived from animals. Using these synthetic fragrances means Maya’s perfumes can be vegan and cruelty-free.



We can benefit from the therapeutic effects of using natural oils through aromatherapy both on our skin and through candles, which have been scientifically proven to positively contribute to health and wellbeing. This cannot be achieved through a chemically derived scent. No brand knows this more than ANATOMÉ and can be seen in their range of essential oils.


When talking about natural candles AROKIYAM always push themselves to be the very best they can be. Their unique range of scents is created with a UK supplier, using 100% natural fragrances. Their candles are free from parabens, SLS, phthalates, and other harsh chemicals. The glass is fully recycled, and the stickers used are made from 95% sugar cane fibres and 5% hemp and linen and are fully biodegradable. One of the biggest benefits of natural candles is that they don’t burn as quickly as paraben candles, meaning they’re better value for money!


We do our best to make sure we only stock the very best products that meet our high standards. When you’re shopping for yourself don’t be fooled by vague and uninformative labels. If companies have nothing to hide they will clearly state a list of!