Posted on January 13 2022


The time has come around (again) to set some New Year’s resolutions. Starting the year off optimistically, planning what is to come and the potential achievements along the way. But will you stick to them? 64% of people have the same set of resolutions as the year before. So, we are here to inspire you to stick to those resolutions; let’s make this year expectational and finally achieve those goals.



The most popular resolution is to exercise more. So, whether that’s getting in the gym, fitting in that afternoon walk or just taking the stairs a few times a week. Everyone can benefit from this, not only physically but mentally too. Our top tip is to make it even more fun by inviting friends, especially the ones with four legs.  Below are some of our best selling products to keep you and your four-legged friend motivate to move, especially in these cold months!


Bondi yoga matt spray

Price : £15.40  (on sale)

Harnessing natures goodness to purify and freshen your yoga mat and workout space. Name us a better way to start 2022, we’ll wait.  

A natural formulation that’s easily sprayed on your yoga mat to kill 99.9% of germs and dirt. This anti-bacterial formulation helps deodorise and maintain a clean, fresh scented mat so you can take your matt anywhere and everywhere to enjoy your yoga in fresh harmony.


Ware Of The Dog Sweater

Price : £75.00

Going for a walk is a great way to get moving and also get some well needed fresh air, for both you and your dog. But in these cooler temperatures make sure your dog is kept warm. This multi striped sweater are beautifully bold whilst also being practical. These sweaters have just the right amount of stretch and will hold their shape for all your park activities.


Painters Wife collar

Price : £22.00

With bright colours and high-quality materials PAINTERS WIFE is committed to producing long-lasting products. All these materials are locally sourced, highlighting the importance of planet, product and community whilst looking fantastic.



Salt and stone deodorant

Price : £18.00

A long-lasting natural deodorant, with probiotics to give 48hr protection. These deodorants include hyaluronic acid and vitamin E which are rich in antioxidants that regenerate and soothes the skin, keeping you smelling fresh long after your latest sweat session!



Erwans sports socks

Price : £15.00

ERWANS are on a mission to produce the most comfortable, high-end tennis/sneaker sock. Using the finest Egyptian cotton from the Giza area, and the expertise of Portuguese manufacturers, they’re designed to be the perfect feet companions, whether you are playing tennis, running, skateboarding, working from home, or going out in style.



Exercise is great for your body, but you’ve got to make sure you’re looking after your skin too. Keep your skin feeling fresh by using the right deodorant and make that refreshing shower even better with vitamin rich body wash. Having a good skincare routine will prevent irritation and let your body perform to the best of its abilities.


Haeckels body cleanser

Price : £25.00 (on sale)

HAECKELS foundation lies in showcasing the natural health-giving properties of the sea whilst raising awareness about the fragility and value of oceans. This body cleanser utilizes local and indigenous plants to improve complexion and purify the skin with strong anti-inflammatory, vitamins, and antiseptic qualities. Leaving you with clean, nourished skin ready to tackle the rest of the day!



Austin Austin body cream 

Price: £16.00

Whether its getting out for walks in the colder weather or an increase in exercise, you need to make sure your skin doesn’t get damaged as a result. Take a look at AUSTIN AUSTIN body cream which is rich in organic ingredients that will leave your skin supple and soft, without harming the environment.



Everyone needs self-care in their life, even more so after living through the last two years. Whether it's a resolution or not, it's important to take time for yourself, take a step out of the fast lane and kick back and relax. Here are some of our favourite products that can help you do just that.


Anatome recovery and sleep essential oil blend

Price : £22.00

Sleep is crucial when achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Make sure you are maximising your rest with ANATOME recovery and sleep essential oil blend. Studies show that these compounds inhibit several neurotransmitters in the brain, resulting in a sedative-like and pain-relieving effect. Lavender also lowers the heart rate and reduces anxiety, creating the perfect combination for a good night’s rest!



AYU Body Oil 

Price : £45.00

AYU’s scented oils are made and measured with the sacred science of Ayurveda, this ancient art combines knowledge of balancing the mind, body and spirit. The oils are hand-blended with ingredients that are kind to the earth and beneficial to your wellbeing. So, enjoy the incredible scents whilst reaping the aromatic benefits of the essential oils keeping your mind calm throughout the day.



Tea in the moment

Price : £7.99

Whether you want to wind down or maybe your New Year’s resolution is to try something new, then these teas are the perfect answer. TEA IN THE MOMENT was born as a way to help combat food waste whilst providing delicious, plant-based tea. Using cacao shell, that would otherwise be discarded from the cacao industry, this range of teas offer a healthier alternative to a traditional hot chocolate whilst keeping your sweet cravings at bay.



Consumers are more aware than ever of the impact of their purchases on the world so make a resolution for the greater good this year and commit to being more aware of where your products are sourced and made. It’s the small everyday changes that we make that start to have a big impact, and its down to us to all to start making these conscious decisions.

If you are wondering where to start take a look at our Conscious Living blog, or if you keep scrolling we have listed some of our favourite conscious brands below that are highlighting artisan crafts, all natural products and are thinking about their wider community.



Independent creators offer us an entirely unique product for our homes whilst also benefitting the world around them. The small batch productions and thoughtful materials sourcing means they are only creating as and when needed resulting in producing less waste on the whole.



Mug price : £33.00

SGW LAB is a ceramic studio founded by Yuta Segawa. All the pieces are hand crafted and painted In London to create these beautiful colourful ceramics to brighten any kitchen. Completely unique and joyful, they make the perfect addition to your home or given as a gift.


Top Top

Small cup price : £34.00

TOP TOP CERAMICS, is a ceramics studio based in Paris. Each illustration is an original creation and is often inspired by a photographic collection of their friends, holidays, and what surrounds and inspires them. Each piece is lovingly painted by hand and completely unique.




Whether it's beauty products, homewares or even food It is important to be aware of where the ingredients in your products are sourced. These factors make a huge difference in the quality of products you are buying and the negative or positive environmental impact they leave behind. 


Arokiyam candles

Price : £45.00

There is nothing more calming than settling down and lighting a candle. AROKIYAM candles are made in a local London factory, using vegan wax made from coconut and soy. Using 100% natural fragrances they are also packaged in 100% recycled glass with biodegradable stickers. Every aspect of this product has been thought about so your only job is it sit back, relax, and enjoy these exotic scents.



It is important to know the companies you are supporting are supporting communities, charities, or the environment. This can be in a multitude of different ways, for example donating a percentage of their profits to ocean clean-up efforts or planting new trees, supporting charities, individuals or communities in need, whether it’s locally or abroad.


Maison Bengal

Price : £55.00

MAISON BENGAL works closely with local fair trade partner organisations to produce a range of handmade products in Bangladesh. The company now employ over five thousand women throughout Bangladesh, who are happily able to work in their home environment, enabling them to care and financially support their families. MAISON BENGAL use locally grown, natural materials such as Jute and Hogla (local sea-grass) to create these beautiful and conscious bags that give back to the community.