ALEGER CASHMERE has over 25 years expertise in the design and production of cashmere collections creating contemporary styles that are perfect for everyday life. ALEGER CASHMERE manages their full manufacturing process, harnessing Italian intelligent spinning technology using 15 micron, 100% cashmere fibres meaning, their cashmere is both luxuriously soft to touch and more resistant to pilling.

ALEGER CASHMERE present designs that are trans seasonal and eye catching with their bright and bold colours, adding joy into any wardrobe and every day.

ALEGER CASHMERE is dedicated to promoting the continuing sustainability and healthy development of the cashmere industry. This includes sustainable breeding practices, environmental protection practices and ensuring traceability during every stage of their manufacturing process. All their suppliers have passed the Good Cashmere Standard (GCS) which maintain the following four principles: protecting animal welfare, helping cashmere goat farmers to obtain sustainable income, enhance the resistance of cashmere production to climate change and protect the environment. All yarn used in production is fully traceable and is certified using Sustainable Fibre Alliance’s traceability model.